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    Kauthar Bouchallikht, a green and social justice activist, is standing as a candidate for the GroenLinks (Green Left) party in the Netherlands in the upcoming parliamentary elections. Bouchallikht is facing relentless racist and baseless attacks as a Muslim woman of colour standing on a radical platform. Claims of extremism levied against her originated from far-right online platforms which have since been uncritically repeated by politicians and mainstream media.

    This is no irregular occurrence, but an all too familiar pattern that people of colour and Muslims are subjected to on an ongoing basis by resurgent and emboldened bigotry, xenophobia and racism across the world. The economic forces responsible for driving catastrophic environmental destruction are the very same that give rise to such hate.

    Our fight for climate justice must be one that tears down the structures of discrimination and injustice in order to build an equitable, beautiful and safe world for all. And this necessitates that we let our voices be heard in support of those who face prejudice and hate while fighting for all forms of social justice.

    Solidarity, especially across borders, has always been one of the core values ​​of the progressive movement. It is also the only way we can tackle the climate crisis and racism.

    We the undersigned stand in solidarity with Kauthar Bouchallikht:

    Natalie Bennett, Green Party, House of Lords
    Jenny Jones, Green Party, House of Lords
    Paul Murphy TD (Member of Parliament in Ireland), RISE
    Kevin Courtney, NEU General Secretary
    Fatima Ibrahim, Co Executive Director, Green New Deal UK
    Asad Rehman, Co-convenor Global Green New Deal Project
    UK Youth Climate Coalition
    Professor Paul Gilroy
    Gargi Bhattacharya, Professor of Sociology
    Salma Yaqoob, founder & president Birmingham Stop The War Coalition
    Professor Bill Bowring, European Lawyers for Democracy and Human Rights
    Jules Carey, Bindmans LLP
    Rachel Harger, Bindmans LLP
    Farhana Patel, Bindmans LLP
    Jessie Brennan, Bindmans LLP
    Joshua Virasami, Organiser, Black Lives Matter UK
    Hilary Wainwright, Transnational Institute and Red Pepper Magazine
    Karrim Jalali, Fossil Free Southwark
    Alex Brent, GMB for a Green New Deal
    Jo Macey, GMB GND
    James Ritchie, GMB for a Green New Deal
    Declan Owens, Solicitor, GMB for a Green New Deal
    Sam Mason, Trade Unionist, GMB for GND
    Thomas Englert, MOC Bruxelles
    Seb Ordonez, Wretched of the Earth
    Liam Kennedy, Researcher, Communication Workers Union
    Jake Woodier, Editor, Red Pepper Magazine
    Malia Bouattia, Editor, Red Pepper Magazine
    Ewa Jasiewicz, writer and union organiser
    Yasser Louati, Head of the Justice and Liberties For all Committee (CJL)
    Ananya Wilson, South Asia Solidarity Group
    Kimon Daltas, Editor, Red Pepper Magazine
    Siobhan McGuirk, Postdoctoral Researcher, Goldsmiths University
    Rhian E. Jones, Tribune and New Socialist
    Gerry Hart, Red Pepper Magazine
    Clare Hymer, Novara Media
    Maz Saleem, Education for Peace
    Ken Loach, film director
    Shabbir Lakha, Stop the War
    Shelly Asquith, Stop the War
    Sohail Daulatzai, writer/filmmaker (University of California, Irvine)
    Nisha Kapoor, Associate Professor, University of Warwick
    Paul O’Connell, Reader in Law SOAS University of London
    Remi Joseph-Salisbury, Presidential Fellow, University of Manchester
    Jamie Woodcock, Senior Lecturer, The Open University
    Patricia McManus, Senior Lecturer, University of Brighton; Branch Secretary Falmer UCU
    Tom Mills, lecturer, Aston University
    Hannah Elsisi, Research Fellow, University of Cambridge
    John Narayan, King’s College London
    Ashok Kumar, Lecturer, Birkbeck University
    Tanzil Chowdhury, Lecturer, QMUL
    Malcolm James, University of Sussex
    Sharri Plonski, Lecturer, QMUL
    Ruth Fletcher, Senior Lecturer, QMUL
    Waqas Tufail, Senior Lecturer, Leeds Beckett University
    Hannah Schling, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, QMUL
    Waseem Yaqoob, Lecturer, QMUL
    Isobel Roele, Lecturer, QMUL
    Thomas Cowan, Postdoctoral Fellow, UCL
    Leon Sealey-Huggins, climate justice scholar, University of Warwick
    Alice Swift, climate justice activist in Reclaim the Power UK and Ende Gelände Germany and scholar at the University of Manchester
    Nimer Sultany, Reader in Law SOAS University of London
    Leila Ullrich, Lecturer in Law, QMUL
    Ioana Cerasella Chis, doctoral researcher & trade union activist, University of Birmingham
    Arshad Isakjee, Lecturer in Geography, University of Liverpool
    Rhiannon Lockley, lecturer and UCU branch secretary, Birmingham City University
    Mairead Enright, Reader in Law, Birmingham Law School
    Marianna Karakoulaki, Doctoral Researcher at University of Birmingham & Journalist
    Nathan Critch, Doctoral Researcher and trade unionist, University of Birmingham
    Luke Beesley, PhD student at University of Brighton
    Bradley Ward, Doctoral Researcher, GTA, and trade union activist at University of Birmingham
    Hannah Boast, Assistant Professor, University College Dublin
    Joseph Ward, University of Birmingham
    Niall Gallen, Doctoral Researcher, University of Birmingham
    Amelia Horgan, PhD candidate, University of Essex, and UCU rep
    Jack Carter, Psychological Practitioner, University of Birmingham and UCU rep
    Elio Di Muccio, Doctoral Researcher, University of Birmingham, HE Chair, West Midlands UCU
    Jordan Osserman, Postdoctoral Researcher, Birkbeck (University of London), UCU member and #CoronaContract organiser
    Christopher Featherstone, PhD student, University of Birmingham.
    David Bailey, Senior Lecturer, University of Birmingham
    Kai Heron, Editor at ROAR Magazine
    Harriet Carroll, Research fellow & trade union activist
    Anttoni J. Numminen, student & journalist,
    Aimee Le, Associate Lecturer, University of Exeter, #CoronaContract
    Joseph Baker, PhD Student, University of Birmingham
    James Brackley, Lecturer in Accounting, University of Birmingham
    Lydia Hughes, Editor Notes From Below
    Bee Hughes, Lecturer LJMU, Chair LJMU UCU
    Alison Dingle, University of Birmingham Unison Womens Officer
    Cynthia Spencer, University of Bath (retired) and trade union activist Migration and Asylum Justice Forum (MAJF); Tyne and Wear, England
    Dave Muritu, Unite member
    Kaeshelle Cooke, Journalist (University of Bath / Goldsmiths College)
    Mike Finn, Director of Liberal Arts, University of Exeter
    Robyn Orfitelli, Lecturer, University of Sheffield
    Cristina Fernández Recasens, Catalan Language and Culture Teaching Fellow & postdoctoral researcher, University of Birmingham
    Ellen Clifford, Disabled People Against Cuts
    Tom Cutterham, Senior Lecturer, University of Birmingham
    Gráinne Charlton, Research Associate, University of Birmingham
    Mike Moore, Branch Secretary, University of Birmingham UNISON
    Sandy Nicoll, Branch Secretary, SOAS UNISON
    Mark Adcock, University of Leeds Branch

    The views expressed in this article are the authors’ own and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera’s editorial stance.

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