Almost a THOUSAND people sent to self-isolation after Russian woman breaks quarantine

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In Russia’s Far Eastern city of Magadan, doctors have sent 900 people into self-isolation after just one woman broke quarantine rules and took her child to kindergarten. The woman’s husband is confirmed to have Covid-19.

According to Sergey Nosov, the governor of Magadan Region, “the plans of people who complied with all the rules and regulations” have been disrupted due to one “irresponsible comrade.”

“It’s not even irresponsibility, it’s arrogance. 900 contacted people will not be able to leave the region until the end of their personal quarantine,” Nosov said.

Speaking on Friday at a meeting of the regional government, the governor explained that a family was sent to quarantine after the father was hospitalized and diagnosed with coronavirus. Despite this, the mother violated the rules and took their child to kindergarten, endangering the health of other children and their families. The governor also stated that the woman filled in a questionnaire at the kindergarten, and indicated that none of the family members were infected with Covid-19.

According to Russian law, breaking quarantine can be punished with a fine of up to 40,000 rubles ($581). If someone contacted is confirmed to be diagnosed with the virus, the fine increases – and the responsible party could even be sent to jail if it leads to death.

Magadan Region is about 6,000km east of Moscow and is somewhat isolated from the rest of the country. Subsequently, Magadan has managed to avoid a Covid-19 disaster. As of Friday morning, the region has 286 confirmed coronavirus cases – almost 700 times less than Moscow (191,069).

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