2021 heralds the arrival of the impeccably groomed alpha – fashion and trends

Powerful, yet simple to use

Most of us spent 2020 anxiously waiting for the lockdown to get over as our facial hair looked unsightly and mane issues spiralled out of control. However, the positive side of the work-from-home lifestyle was more time for skin and hair care and also most of us managed to indulge in homemade remedies – think face packs made from kitchen ingredients and self-made oil concoctions to replenish hair growth. We get experts to predict key menswear grooming trends for 2021.  

Skincare expert and makeup maven Clint Fernandes sees moisturisers, primers and BB creams becoming the integral component of mens’ grooming regime as zoom calls are still part of our life. “For zoom calls you don’t have to be fully made up, so instead of heavy concealer or foundation usage, I see men warming up to essentials like moisturizers, primers and BB creams. Also, I see them warming up to the wonders of the eye cream as constantly looking at your phone and computer screens puts a strain on your eyes. Having said that, I see home remedies becoming a large trend when it comes to mens’ grooming. Moreover, nature based products, hair masks will make their presence felt. Also, the age-old tried and tested concoctions of multani mitti, dahi, sandalwood paste, rose water, besan and haldi, besides the classic mayonnaise hair mask will become a way of life. To fight off dandruff, I see men opting for neem, lemon and besan or shikakai shampoos. Castor oil, almond oil, silicone based hair serums will redefine men’s grooming regimen,” says Clint.  

Jay Kishan Pawar, Master Barber and trainer at Truefitt and Hill observes that during most of 2020, men who often opted for a clean shaven look experimented with their facial hair during the lockdown. “I see bearded looks being increasingly popular in 2021 as a lot of men read up on different beard styles and also toyed with them as they had time on hand. Also, with several menswear brands introducing beard products and accessories, I see beard grooming becoming a key phenomenon in 2021. While the buzz cut or the faded hair cut will be there, I see more and more men opting for a mid-length, medium layered look. The top knot, or the man bun will be major,” says he.

The mid layered hair styles sported by the likes of Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise in the early 2000s will be back. “Besides styling, hair scalp and texture will be the primary area of concern for most men. Since a lot of them are already worried about the hair density issues and receding hairline, 2021 will see more hair spa and trichologist clinic visits. Also, a section of men have already warmed up to the wonders of the under eye creams and night creams, besides routine cleanups and facials which will continue as well in 2021,” adds Jay. 


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